Friday, July 10, 2009

Somewhere, tea for two

Out of the shadows a romantic story emerges

of two souls destined to find love.

It's true, so many stories of romance have been written

that one could make a noose for the world with them.

But love is a very funny thing and as you know

you can hate someone you love

and love someone you hate...

Many times over and over again love is misunderstood

and many are stood up and many have missed the boat.

Still, can one live without it?

Men are driven to insanity over and by women...

and women, well, yeah, you already know the story.

So another love story to gag on is in the making...

did I lose you yet?

Perhaps I did, but a least my shadow is still here,

waiting right next to me as I sit at a quaint little

bistro table at an outside cafe just waiting to order.

"Madame, may I take your order?"

" Not just yet, sir, I am hoping to order tea for two"