Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Burnt Orange Leaves

Burnt orange leaves skip down the street
behind me and I think it's you.
My heart starts to quicken its' beat.
I turn, but you're nowhere in view.


The Johnston Family said...

No Smile. Nice Picture. Where was that one taken???

Vivian said...

Want I should walk around with a painted smile 24/7? heehee
This was taken in Mystic, Connecticut, about 4 years ago.

But what about my 4 line poem of fantastic rhyming and meter,telling of a snapshot in life? Ain't easy to just write 4 lines and have it tell a magnificent story, ya know.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...makes my day! : )

Cynthia Hallen said...

I really like poems about autumn. You have captured the beauty and the nostalgia well in a few lines. My first poem as a third grader was entitled "The Wonderful World of Leaves!" Thank you for visiting my poems at divineparody. Life is good, and love is poetry.

mariposa said...

I like this poem also - it's like you miss someone so much that the smallest things can remind you of them. Like you want someone to there so much, that he or she almost is there. Or that's what it meant to me :)

Alya said...

Hello! I love simple words that speaks loudly to my soul. I loved this piece!

Story of a Girl said...

beautiful color of leaves !

and i like the poem. feel free to take a look at my blog.