Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Light

If ever I should lose my way
on a snowy covered road.
Never will I tremble in fear,
knowing You carry the load.

When winter's cold seeps into bones,
and flesh calls me to sin--
On bended knee to You I'll pray--
with You I'll always win.

O bright planet, shine down on me
this cold December night.
You're right on time, to show the way,
and chase away my fright.

You look just like a star, one night
that guided years ago.
To promise ever lasting life--
It’s Jesus I love so!

© Vivian, Dec 2008


S.L. Corsua said...

Reading this reminds me of the beautiful hymns I used to sing in church, back when I was younger and a part of the choir. Thank you for sharing this, and also other poems on this page which I've read. Have a blessed new year ahead. Cheers.

Vivian said...

Thank you so much, SL! Your comments are much appreciated. I would love to hear a few of those hymns you sang....they must have been pretty.

A happy, blessed new year to you too!

Adrian LaRoque said...

It is indeed a very sweet poem, thank you for sharing Vivian.
I am aware that you have two blogs so, when I can I will be here to read, or to see pictures.
Thank you very much for your kindeness and for your visit to my blog.

Vivian said...

Well, thank you so much for the visit, Adrian and the nice compliment on my poem here. I wish I got notifications in an email to let me know when somebody stops by and leaves a comment. I could be missing some, cos I have to back track through all my older post to see if I've got any new comments.

Do you read or write poetry?