Saturday, March 7, 2009


Numbness invades
once again.
Daily chores...
a quiet battle.

Another day of
telling lies.

"So how are you?"
"Fine, thank you,
and how are you?"

Forging smiles...
a thin disguise.

But be at rest,
O weary soul.
For numbness
always passes.

Tomorrow's dawn
promises hope.
Clear of webs
and un-frayed rope.


Dave said...

I can't give you any technical praise for I know not what I do. I can say that I feel the emotion of this one.

Vivian said...

If a poem makes you feel...than it has done its job! And that is praise enough....thank you, Dave.

This is simply just a free verse poem, which seems to be a favorite among people today. I, myself prefer the form poems, which make you think and pay attention to word choice.
You, my poet friend, are on your way to becoming a great form poet!

Funny thing happened yesterday.....I could not see my poems on this blog or any comments, as the site was having a technical problem....glad I can see your comment now.

Thank you for stopping by to read and leave a me reason to write.

Just Joe said...

Ah yes the daily battle that quietly rages and the forged (meaning false) smiles we show the till the dawn of another day's hope.

Vivian said...

Indeed Joe! Thank you for taking the time out to stop and leave a made my day! : )