Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poetry Alive!

Will you join me on a journey?
Imagine we can connect the stars,
and sing a silly love song,
as we leave behind our scars.

With our feet firmly planted on the ground,
we travel over hills of moss and clover.
To invigorating words we find we’re bound,
As each new verse we carry over.


Dave said...

The beautiful photo matches perfectly with your your dancing lines of poetry.

Adrian LaRoque said...

Greetings Vivian!
You take me I will go.
Lovely poem Vivian, I like it!
I like the picture too!

Owen Phillips said...

Hi Vivian, glad you liked the De Soto and the VW . . . ready to head off on a voyage in either of those dream cars . . . it's the voyage that matters, right, not the destination ?

Vivian said...

Thank you, Dave, for the sweet comment.

Well, let's go, Adrian! Start writing! heehee

Love that, Owen...."it's the voyage that matters, not the destination"
I can feel a poem in that....

Just Joe said...

Lovely M'Lady and I would love to join you but if I leave behind my scars there would be very little left to go with you.

Vivian said...

Not THOSE scars O silly man...the scars we all have collected upon our hearts.