Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fantasy's Trail

Heavy grow my lids
as I absorb this adventure.
Silhouetted tall-framed figure
appears in my daytime dream.
Backtrack to leaves of green
on a humid summer night.
You sing to me a serenade
beneath the bright moon light.
Every night we walk this trail.
We walk and talk of how we'll be
in years to come, forever young
within our hearts and poetry.

© Vivian


Just Joe said...

The call of the wild
Unburdened, with a light-heart,
we’ll break from this daily grind:
join up at fantasy’s trail to start.

We’ll leave all pavement behind!
Adventure’s horizon
is calling: let’s Unwind
our bodies we’ll exercise from wizen
and let peace fill our minds.

Vivian said...

That is beautiful, Joe! Thank you.
Wish I had time to reply with a poem, but.....work calls.

Good day to you sir! : )