Sunday, May 17, 2009

Invisable War

And so today I awake
to the dragons fiery hold
upon my throat.
As warriors drum
their violent sound
deep within my head.
I stand, and it's as if
the eighth wonder of the world
has just slammed his fist
down upon my head.
No number of painkillers
will do today.

I am strong...usually.
But still, the microscopic
enemy has entered.
My army of antibodies
has depleted.
They are under surprise attack!
Oh shit!

I can hear my army
calling for back up.
"All vitamins in the
cupboard...enter now!"
Being the leader of my army,
I cannot let them down.

I have failed them.
I have let stress take over.
I have burned the candle
from both ends.
But such is life.

Now it's up to me
to win this war.
And win I will!

As flames of fire
rise up from within me,
I make my way to the cupboard.

Outside, Spring summons me,
with it's promising sun, blue sky,
crocus, and robins.
But the brightness is
so wicked today.
My eyes squint and turn away.

In a daze, I open the cupboard
and find the weapons of choice
for my saving army.
Down my scratchy, red throat
I swallow vitamins one by one,
and flood myself with spring water.

Half my task is now done!
Now I must go lay down
and let sleep come...

Sleep comes easier then
I imagined it would today.
I begin to dream...
strange, vivid dreams.
All along my army is
flowing through my veins
after the enemy with vengeance!

The enemy takes the same path
and I am just thankful it never
goes into my stomach,
for then I would be at the
mercy of the puke demon.
Instead, it only knows
how to infect my
upper respiratory system.
Annoying as that can be,
it is deal able.
I know in about seven days
my army will have chased
the enemy completely out!

I will continue to
hallucinate from
the fire that burns within
as I stumble around
with a top-heavy head.


Alex said...

Hi Vivian, Cool poem, reminds me of some hangovers i have had with our national drink (whiskey). A old doctor friend of mine told me the best thing for a hangover was two pitchers of beer and half a bottle of single malt whiskey. lol. No seriously a great poem. see ya, be back soon.

Vivian said...

Oh boy Alex,sounds to me like you need a new Doc! heehee
Thanks for stopping by!