Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angel in the Park

Once upon a time
long before my birth,
under the cobalt sky of earth,
amongst the horse chestnut trees
and carpet of green in a park...

a man made a decision to
finally speak to the dark-eyed
beauty with the long blackish hair.
that he had seen for many days
in his daily travels to and fro.

The Spring air was crisp and
his step was lively as he
approached this lovely lady.

As space closed-in between them,
the lady quickly turned and walked away,
like that of a playful doe, gracefully
sprinting off into the thicket.

Puzzled, the man sat down on a bench
under a horse chestnut tree and thought
it odd that there were no lower branches.

Wispy, white clouds, low in the sky
drifted by as a strong wind swiftly
whipped through his dark wavy hair.
He jumped to his feet as
he heard an inner voice say
"She is the one, go to her."

Un-be known to him, 'twas the
voice of my guardian angel.

Meanwhile, still in the park,
was the dark-eyed beauty,
waiting for three o'clock.

Once again, the wavy-haired man
approached the lady and
once again, she sprinted off.

Dumb-founded, the man walked off,
wondering if he should give it one more try.
These thoughts smoked his mind.

The sky began to turn a radiant blue,
ethereal and divine.
A cloudy image of a heavenly messenger
hovered over the horse chestnut tree.
Deep, woody fragrance of evergreen
delighted the man's senses
as the aroma infused with
the glory in his heart.

It was now three o'clock and
'round the bend of the park
walking lively up the path,
was the dark-eyed beauty.

As he approached her, the distance
between them disappeared,
and they spoke to each other
for the first time and
many times thereafter....
I call this man and woman...Mom and Dad.

Long before my birth....
my guardian angel,
their guiding angel....

the Angel in the park.


Owen said...

That's really a beautiful story Vivian... the trepidation, the fear, the courage, the hesitation, the desire, the turning away, the returning... and you wouldn't be here were it not for a day in the park... the miracle of coincidences and chance meetings that play out in our lives...

Vivian said...

Thank you, Owen. Sounds like Days of Our Lives, eh? Ya just can't make this stuff up! lol