Saturday, February 13, 2010


White curtains blowing in the wind,
through an open great room window.
A lady adorned in white lace
sits on a white china twill couch.

A gentleman walks into this
picture-perfect white scene and sees
Merlot red painted on her lips.
And scarlet red painted toe nails.

To him, she is drop-dead gorgeous.
To her, he is a shinning knight.
She swings her long legs off the couch
and then slips her white spiked heels on.

Taller then the Eiffel tower
she strikes him with big hazel eyes.
He steps in close with Gumby legs
and has a thought but cannot speak.

She reaches over, grabs his tie.
Pulls him in swiftly to her lips.
Their eyes lock, she kisses him hard,
as her white lace dress turns to red.

They fall to a white shaggy rug
then roll from New York to Cali.
and back again on silver dust,
as the white roses turn to red.

When the smoke clears and settles down
She heads towards the kitchen and then
returns with two parfait dishes...
"There's always room for red Jello"

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