Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Morning Song

The birds in spring are up at the crack of dawn
singing for all, their morning song.
And the sweet fragrance of lilac
fill the morning air.


Tin Man said...

Surrounding Clouds

Gray smoke lucid and bright
burnt mist expanding the air,
wind-dappled here and there
against the sky, gray shadows.

Tall stacks, dwellings so dense
of the workshops and workmen
objects and knowledge curious,
while young wild lilacs bloom
rising delicate, sweet perfume.

Heart-shaped leaves secluded
in recesses blush shy and hidden
solitary the thrush’s warbling song
a hermit withdrawn hums to himself
amid the trees throughout old woods
of blossoms and branches so green.

Bashful and tender, I hear your notes
as for but a moment I linger the salty
Sea-winds blown from west to east
the breath of your chants poetic adorn
burning, expanding the air with sweet
verbiage of lilacs purple morn just-felt.

Vivian said...

How beautiful these surrounding clouds are.
Thank you! : )