Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Of Peace and Joy

I learned as a child, the horrors of war.
I learned from books and pictures I saw.
I learned of hate, violence and greed
I learned of starving people, we couldn't feed.

I thought back then, the world would change
I thought other cultures, seemed really strange.
Why would they live in a place with no food and water?
Why would a parent pick a husband for their daughter?

Why does man fight over land, when there is so much?
Why can't we share the lands resources and such?
I thought time would civilize everyone.
But it's like waiting for the midnight sun.

I wish for us all, that wars would cease.
I pray everyday for world wide peace.
I found here, a little haven of joy,
of heart and soul...the real McCoy.

In our own little corner of the world, we live
with love, hope and understanding to give.
We, poets of the world, stand tall, stand proud
We speak in volumes without being loud.

Yet our message is heard through many words.
Rehearsed through scholars and even nerds.
Long live the words through our verse
as they enter the mind and then immerse.


Tin Man said...

On blank, white paper you say
dear Lord, I write with this Pen
I write within my life I do pray
a poet's note of love to all men.

With no doubt be found in me,
with no unclear words between
through my eyes others may see.

What I, through your will have seen
What I hope for in my poet's soul...
a peace that none but we control.

Vivian said...

Thank you sir for your sweet words.