Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poem in D Minor

I've seen, I've heard this play before
two restless souls a fire
Invite, excite, to come explore
to see what will inspire

But star-dust soon will leave the eye
I'm sure you will agree
Another beauty passes by
And then I'm history

Recite to me a ballad free
of broken hearts galore
Don't lust for me on bended knee
For I will cry no more


Adrian LaRoque said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adrian LaRoque said...

Greetings Vivian. I can easily be embraced by your words, even in D Minor.

Vivian said...

Thank you, Adrian....you give me reason to write!
BTW...was that you by any chance that deleted that comment above? lol
Just wondering : )

Adrian LaRoque said...

Yes I was Vivian, but I inserted the comment again after, just a simple mistake that I needed to correct. Tell me, do you like more photography or writing?

Vivian said...

I'd have to say, it's a tie between writing and photography. I've been taking pics since I'm 7 years old on a box camera that took 126 spool film. I've always enjoyed writing anything! I've only started to write poetry 4 years ago. I get inspirations from a lot of my photos and even ohter peoples photos and poems. I love all the arts.....music, dance, writing, photography and I love nature...and life! And all the glory goes to God!...whom I love first and for most.

I will respond to your heart-felt, awesome comment on The Kitchen Chair, later....gotta get my arse off to work! ; )

Have a great day!