Sunday, July 26, 2009

un-red valentine

your love is like
wild winds whipping my heart
staining me blue


Just Joe said...

Summer storm

Stalking her poems with my eyes
sipping my hot coffee with a smile
admiring the softness of her quill
and the hunger in her fiery words.

A storm was brewing,
as lightening flashed in
my electric blue eyes
and thunder rumbled
through my bones.

With words of dawn
that glow like candles
her warmth burned
through my mind
like a wildfire blazing
through a dry forest.

Setting my heart afire,
burning my skin with her
poetic skill that penetrated
my veins with the rhythm
of her words that now held
my thoughts captive.

Oh but if your lips
would come to rest
where your words
now reside… come
through the shadowed
tunnels of my dreams
to where reality sleeps.

Vivian said...

whew! Now this is why I fell in love with rock my world.
Thank you, Joe. : )