Sunday, August 30, 2009

Choking on fear

I braved the waters today
and dove in head first
with no fear of drowning.

I have drowned before
many times,
choking on my fears
till they bled out.

No one ever noticed
I hid it well, still do,
as strong currents
wrap around my ankles
and drag me under.

I hold my breath
till I have no more breath
left in my lungs to hold...
I can't breath.
I gasp for air,
water fills my lungs
suffocating me...

But then I surface--
I always surface

leaving footprints
. . . at the water's edge.


Just Joe said...


When we break,
our pieces mingle.

We lie on
the floor
amongst each other
and become
parts in each other's

Reassembly results
in a picture
--but like most
we become subject
to other people’s

Best we stay broken,
our pieces
jumbled together
in chaotic bliss.

For often what
.....should be,
.......... just

Vivian said...

Riding the Tide

And what could be
just won't.

So we stay and play
and wrap words
verse by verse,
rhyme by rhyme
and trip over a few
un-noticed cliches
as we swing in darkness
by heart strings
so fragile and frail
yet strong enough to carry
a rhyme from one wave to the next
that carries our emotions away
with the tide.

With the tide we will ride.

Just Joe said...

An outstanding multicolored poetic thread you have embroidered M’Lady, a content-rich and comprehensive post that transcend the borders of distance between poets. And as I watch the world outside the outer limits, they open wide and lead again to the inner theme. What is the world, what is the time? What truth is there that should now shine through all the gates and doorways past, through all the thoughts that were to last. Forever to demonstrate where life will cease. To ask but for the why and when shall fruitless be and answer then, nowhere to find in wordl'y might, but will appear just in the light of your coiled words.