Sunday, March 6, 2011

Poem in D minor

I've seen, I've heard this play before,
two restless souls a fire.
Invite, excite, to come explore
to see what will transpire.

But star-dust soon will leave the eye
I'm sure you will agree.
Another beauty passes by
and then I'm history.

Recite to me a ballad free
of broken hearts galore.
Don't lust for me on bended knee
for I will cry no more.


Tin Man said...

A most excellent poem M'Lady, crossing a love ballad with a country heatbreak, I applaud thy ingenuity and talented work! You should sing more often!

The sun rises, but does not set in my love’s eyes for Cupid has blinded my eyes to see none other.

Vivian said...

Thank you, much, sir. You are too kind.

Lehari. said...

Hey came across your blog...n this post..lovely..

"Don't lust for me on bended knee
for I will cry no more."

had written one in a similar fashion..check out if you wish to...


Vivian said...

Thank you, Lehari! I will visit your page soon and read some of your poetry.