Friday, April 22, 2011


Why is the pen always out of ink?
Is it really a wonder;
Have you not read all that he writes,
in the shadows of the wee hours
whilst I sleep?

The moon is on the rise
and the mood is warming
the breath of the night.

The cravings for sweet metaphors
come alive in his poetic mind
as he calls for me to come
and play once again;
to be his angel.

"Come to mind" he says to me.
"Come, my muse of the night".

I am but an innocent reader of his poems,
a captive audience of one, by day
and an unknowing seductive muse by night.

How is it unknowingly that I invade his mind
and become the muse of his desires?
Like the depths of a dark ocean, have my
eyes revealed my most womanly secrets?

I am but the grass that only looks greener
on the other side of the metaphor.
I am but the rhyme that fanned out her
tail feathers only to fall flat on the floor.

Still, he calls me to mind in the cool dusk.
And once again I am his muse of the night.

The lines on the paper heat up with each
stroke of the pen as ink flows with celerity.
He can't help but express his male excitement
and in his nervous state...forgets my name!


Tin Man said...

Wow! What an awesome write Lady Vivian!
Such articulate dexterity of thy words penned.
A wordsmith by day, whom muses the night
with such perfumed words of sincere delight!

Your Celerity

Her voice, pens
unapparent words
like magic…

Melting waxen ink,
displaying infinite
warmth of emotions
exposed by flames
that she cannot hide.

She writes barefoot
to feel her rhythm’s
iambic beat, dreamt
from poetic legacy.

She takes the Wolf’s
howl from the night
and haunts the light.

She whose name
is immortally scribed;
she whom sings words
from melodies heard.

Simply Awesome…
and awe inspiring
as dawning sunrise
that inspires the day!

Your mellow blush of day
is spring’s nascent display
who’s; breath soft gales
warm my sun-clad sails.

Vivian said...

Well, sir poet knight of the night, I must say, that comment coming from you is a huge compliment to me....I'll take it!

There you go again with your magic pen....I can't keep up with you, sorry to say.

Thank you, sir! xo