Thursday, August 21, 2008

Annie's Dream

Upon a lake we all float free
from worries of the day.
We dip a dream into the sea
and keep it close at bay.

The light it flickers in and out
of ferns and of the trees.
Like lovers of a past, no doubt
that drifted off to sea.

I catch a ray upon my skin
of one persistent sun!
It finds and lands upon one twin
no greenery to shun.

We reminisce, my friends and I
when youth was on our side.
Of lovers that for we would die
that took us for a ride.

But in the sea I hold a dream,
a fairy tale come true.
A knight whose armor shines with gleam,
and loves me through and through.

© Vivian, 2008


Just Joe said...

Dewberry Dreams

I tried to capture your wild spirit in dewberry dreams
but your essence, like perfume never lingers too long
only a waft, a few moments of pleasure then its gone
like the wind that first carried your name to my ears.

I closed my eyes and woke breathing in the lushness
of you in the meadow, and the luscious summer berries,
waiting to be picked, ripened on the vine, each succulent
berry held the fragrant promise of sweet, sunny afternoons.
The air was ripe with dreams and whispers, tart yet tempting.
Your fragrance, as sweet as sunshine, on a perfect afternoon.

But now in the distance, the music of summer has faded into
the colorful fall in a blaze of glory, there it will grow oh so cold
and silent in winter’s interment, a frozen memory of’t recalled
to thaw the chill of its absence of a hunger never truly satisfied.

Vivian said...

Damn, Joe! can write!
Thank you, your dream blows mine right out of the water!
And thank you for your other comments and poems, I am getting ready for a trip back soon! ( I did read them in my email...thank you! )