Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Million Butterflies

A Million Butterflies

In the dawning of your newness
my sense it did advise,
to stay away and play it safe,
don't look into your eyes.

But never ever did I know
such warmth from tender lips.
Nor have I ever had a thrill
from hands upon my hips.

You pulled away so I could see
your want on bended knee,
that woke a million butterflies
and set them flying free.

© Vivian, Aug, 2008


dougbaker said...


Hmmm, I like it. It flows nicely off my tongue. I'll stop back in to see what you have added.

Vivian said...

Wow!....I can't believe somebody left a comment....thanks Doug! I've a feeling you write poetry too....I must go check out your blog.

Doug P. Baker said...

Hmm, well actually I do post a little poetry, but never any of my own. But in your honor, tomorrow I will for the first time post one of my poems.