Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out of the water I rise

In the darkness of my closet
relentless demons lurk.
They never give me true posit
with all their evil works.

I wish them all to disappear,
erase them from my mind.
To leave me with a conscience clear
and leave them all behind.

We all have demons, this I know,
to battle everyday.
They pull you towards the fire below
and hope you'll never pray.

But prayer works, it changes things
I found this to be true.
By praying to the King of kings,
I know now what to do.

And so I lie my demons down
and rise above it all.
I lie them down so they will drown,
and now I'm walking tall.

I walk among true Christian friends
suited in God's armor,
to battle demons till the end
with He, who lights my harbour.

© Vivian,
Aug 23, 2008


Dave said...

This one is beautiful, God is good! I'm going to work on a rictameter thanks for sharing that with me =)

Vivian said...

Hi Dave, sorry I didn't see your comment on this till now, as I was scrolling through older post. For some reason, I don't get email notifications that I got a message on my blog. Thank you for stopping by to read and leave a nice comment. I am so glad you are experimenting with form poetry! Hope to see you posting more on the bulldog.